Classically Trained Opera Singer, Noelle Beverly, is a gifted individual who continues to shock the world with her amazing, wide range of vocal abilities; especially as a young black woman from Chester, South Carolina.

Noelle isn’t just your typical southern belle, but she is a highly educated vocalist that received her Masters in Classical Vocal Performance from Manhattan School of Music. Just throughout the course of her life, Noelle’s family has genuinely supported her by making sure she was in total alignment and in a position to operate her gift, let alone perfect it.

After receiving her Master’s, Noelle decided to move to Atlanta where she would sing with the Atlanta Opera and perform with the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.


Today, Noelle is stepping outside of her comfort zone with the making of her new single “Caught Up” which is an R&B track. This is definitely a song that has you on an emotional roller-coaster, which is one Noelle had to finally get off.  Be sure to check out “Caught Up” now available on all streaming platforms and pay attention as Noelle Beverly takes you on her journey to emotional freedom!

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